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Our family.
My Tummy
 is a manufacturer of maternity clothes and nursing clothes.
In the most beautiful time for every woman, we want to give you a beautiful present – Your t-shirt!

MyTummy Australia is a company created with love to bring our maternity and breastfeeding clothing to Australia. We hope Australia’s expectant mothers will fall in love with our creations and be happy wearing them and showing the world how wonderful it is to be pregnant.
When my wife, Monica, was pregnant, she was happier than ever before and smiled every day. I thought this was so funny that I told her she should stay pregnant forever, and not just for 9 months!
We both felt so happy during this time that we wanted to share this happiness with you. Every pregnant woman is beautiful, but when you are wearing our clothing you will look and feel even more beautiful during your pregnancy. The maternity clothes produced from our shop are made of top quality materials. Our knitwear, manufactured entirely in Poland, has received Certificate Oko-Tex Standard 100. This means that it is free from harmful substances and contains no allergens. Imprints on our maternity clothing are made using the same top quality, organic water paints used in the production of children’s clothing. Much of our maternity wear is made from cotton, modal and spandex. These materials are produced using the most advanced technology available in the clothing industry today.


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